Making Monmouth Mall Monumental

Monmouth Exterior Walkway Entrance
Monmouth Exterior Walkway Entrance

Revitalizing the Community

With deep roots embedded into eastern Monmouth county and the Jersey shore, Monmouth Mall has been an Eatontown landmark for nearly 60 years. Generations have grown up coming here, its lasting impact on the community is paramount.

Over the decades we’ve added an AMC Theatres, a Barnes & Noble and most recently a Shake Shack. Introducing retailers and offerings remains a top priority. However, there is no denying that the retail landscape, especially in the mall sector, is undergoing change at a rapid rate. Monmouth Mall must undergo a transformation to provide new offerings and uses that resonate with today’s consumer.

Monmouth Mall is managed and operated by Brookfield Properties, one of the largest retail real estate companies in the United States with a strong history of managing, leasing and redeveloping high-quality assets.

It is Brookfield Properties’ vision to transform Monmouth Mall into a modern, state-of-the-art hub that not only caters to a dynamic lifestyle, but celebrates community gathering. The renovation plans completely reinvent Eatontown’s shopping center into a 21st century community destination with a host of new retailers, restaurants, a medical facility, a residential community, public space for special programming and events, as well as convenience of walkability and bicycle access. The new Monmouth Mall will capture a renewed sense of engagement for the community and residents alike.

This redevelopment project will restore our Mall for future generations, and more importantly, it is vital to the longevity of the Eatontown community.

To learn more about Brookfield Properties and our in-depth retail portfolio, please visit us here.

What’s to Come

Fresh Entrance

The drive down Wyckoff Road to Monmouth Mall is enchanting and allows for better visitor navigation. The new mall entrance will also provide a welcoming, contemporary environment.

Northbrook Court Lawn Rendering

Truly Mixed-Use

At the new Monmouth Mall, customers will visit for a multitude of experiences—whether that’s an exciting retail mix or the newest date spot for dinner and drinks—creating a walkable and bikeable mixed-use community that’s inviting to residents, neighbors, and visitors alike. For the residents on-site, Monmouth Mall will serve as a new backyard playground. Customers will also have access to a 115,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art medical facility specializing in pediatric and women’s health care. 

Customers and residents will also have access to a 115,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art medical center focused on women’s and children’s health and will be anchored by the largest healthcare system in the state that will provide best-in-class medical services and physicians to the community.

Food & Drink as the Great Uniter

A curated and diverse set of restaurants ensures consumers will visit for more than shopping.

Monmouth Exterior Aerial View
Monmouth Exterior Aerial View

Maximizing Space for All

Strategically placed parking, in addition to a two-level building plan that maximizes the use of the site, ensures that there is plenty of space to sit back, relax, and join organized or spontaneous events. 

Monmouth Exterior Aerial View Parking Lot
Monmouth Exterior Aerial View Parking Lot

Creating a Visual Journey

Embracing its coastal spirit, Monmouth Mall will refresh its interiors by introducing distinct identities that play off the property’s proximity to the Jersey Shore. Our refresh will create a modern yet relaxing beach feel, where families and friends can discover the dynamic offerings of the property.

Monmouth Mall Boscovs Aerial View Exterior
Monmouth Mall Boscovs Aerial View Exterior

Leasing Opportunities

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