BBP - Burger & Shake of the Month

Burger of the Month - Bobby’s Christmas Burger
New Mexico’s most popular question is a simple one: Red or Green? If you're having both chiles, it's Christmas. For December's Burger of the Month, of course Bobby Flay created both. The result? Bobby’s Christmas Burger: Monterey Jack cheese, red chile sauce, and green chile salsa. This year, your present came early.
Shake of the Month - Dulce De Leche Shake
Argentineans eat this delectable, sweet caramelized milk (dulce de leche) baked in pastry, spread on toast and drizzled over flan. Bobby Flay prefers it blended into vanilla ice cream for the richest, creamiest milkshake you have ever tasted. Salud! 

Both available until December 31. See store for details.